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Architectural compositions are at the core of our activity. Composing is how we put our ideas in practice and contribute to making a better architecture.


It requires a perfect balance between design, innovation, technique and knowledge of the market. We pursue an efficient product that tops our clients’ expectations.  


We work on residential, commercial and institutional projects.

We carry out real estate developments in whole and also in part, by associating with other players of our industry.


We provide advice to foreign and local owners and investors.


Representation services to stakeholders that wish to do business in Uruguay.

Consultancy on architectural interventions aimed at adding value to your house or business.

Viability assessments, preliminary plans and sketches, together with proposals and reports to present to investors.

  We  plan, coordinate and control construction projects from beginning to completion.

We manage all kinds of procedures before the competent authorities, on both national and municipal levels (including regularizations, construction permits, commercial and industrial licenses, fire department clearance, S.I.M.E., M.T.S.S. and B.P.S.).

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